Day One Hundred and Twenty

About a week ago I reconnected with a childhood friend via Facebook. And I was super pleased to learn she lived up here in the Seattle area! We met for coffee today and had a really nice time reminiscing and talking about what we are up to. It was so weird looking across from her because she looks exactly the same; it was like no time had passed at all! It also turns out we have a lot of the same likes and hobbies. I am excited about hanging out with her and her family and going camping and hiking with them. 🙂

When I got home I let Riley off her lead as usual and she tore off after something. I finally caught up with her and found she was mauling a poor baby bunny. 😦 I think she injured it’s back leg, but I wasn’t able to get it before it dragged itself into the blackberry bushes. Oh yeah, did you know that bunnies squeal, or scream, or make some sort of high pitched noises? It was so sad 😦


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