Day One Hundred and Six

I went to my first PT appointment today. And while it was good to learn some exercises and get my ankle iced and have the TENS unit used on it, once again my sucky insurance knocked my for a loop. Apparently I have to meet my $1500 deductible before the 80/20 coverage goes into effect. While my surgery should cover a lot of that 1500, the 1500 I am going to have to pay SUCKS.

Also, I could not get a straight answer of how much the appointments will cost when I do only have to pay 20%. I was told it could be between 100 and 250 each vist. SO 20% of that. WTF.  Seriously, how are you supposed to make appointments if you don’t know how much something is. Whatever. I will most likely do a lot of the PT at home and maybe get a couple visits in. Lame. Alright. That was my one bitch for the next few months. 🙂

On a different note. As we were driving down the road I noticed what looked like Martina driving 60 MPH in a 35 MPH area. I stared at the speedometer for a while and then asked Martina if it was broken or something and she said, no, it’s a Canadian car. Ohhhhh kilometers! LOL.  That was funny.


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