Day One Hundred and Two

Busy day today! I had my two month check-up today for my leg and it was a good one! I ended up walking (yep, walking!) out of the office, on crutches, but with a huge ass smile on my face! The doc said I can start putting weight on my leg and gradually get to the point where I am walking with no boot and no crutches! I can’t wait!

I also need to make an appointment with a Physical Therapist in the area and get started on that. I also should be able to drive real soon too!

My roller derby Peggy was the one to take me to my appointment and for her helpfulness while I have been injured I gave her a pair of homemade mittens and took her to lunch at Chipotle!

Going to lunch at Chipotle was also a great excuse to finally use my disabled placard. I found it very interesting that my placard ends with 666.
I have new X-rays of my breaks too and they are looking good. The doc was pretty darn impressed.


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