Day One Hundred

I have had my new sewing machine a week now; but hadn’t touched it until today. As you can see it is very expertly setup on a plastic storage shelf and a Wii Balance Board. Nothing but the best, more fanciest stuff for me!

Speaking of fancy, my first sewing project had to be something to hold my double pointed needles. They can be a pain to keep track of since the sizes I write on them wear off from handling and it is real hard to see the engraved size on them, especially the smaller ones like the ones and twos.

I took an old pillow case and just ran some stitches up it to make a cozy little holder. After getting frustrated trying to thread the needle and then after threading the needles discovering I have some automatic needle threader thing-a-ma-job this was all I was up to! Maybe with the next project I will get all fancy and stuff.


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