Day Ninety Two

Today was one of those days where one thing after another happened and I couldn’t pick just one to post about!  I decided to post early in case more stuff keeps happening and i want to save stuff for other days. šŸ™‚ 

Martina stopped by for her weekly visit to help me out and was kind enough to grab my prescription for me. I switched over from Dilaudid to Norco to see if I can start weaning off the junk! 
Along with the prescription she brought me Cadbury Creme Eggs! How did she know I LOVE THEM! I told her the story about how my family use to run a little shop in a town called Northend in England and how I used to pay myself in Cadbury Creme Eggs when I worked the register (I don’t know if my mom knew that!)
I got two letters from Zach today! One of them had been slightly delayed because he forgot to put the numbers in my address on it. That silly bugger! Luckily the mailman figured out it was for me! It is so nice to hear from him. I miss him like the dickens!  
We had a crazy storm today with lots of rain and wind. I was worried a branch would come flying through the window and pierce my skull ala Final Destination but no such thing happened. But when I opened the front door after I saw that the beautiful tree in the front yard had fallen over!  So sad!

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