Day Ninety

What a crazy week! After yesterday’s crazy hailstorm, the sun was shining brightly and it was warm out. I knew the seasons changed here, but I didn’t know it was every other day!

I was feeling a little stir crazy and decided to try and make my way to the mailbox. For most people this would probably be pretty easy and a normal thing to do. But I live up on a hill, surrounded by bumpy grassy hills and a staircase.

I went ahead and rode my wheelchair across and down the grassy hill and then followed the gravel path down toward the street where my mailbox was. Getting there wasn’t too bad. It was a little bumpy but doable. Getting back was a different story.  

I had to ride my wheelchair up the gravel driveway backwards so I could use my one foot to help push. There was no way I would make it up the holey hill, so I decided to drag myself up the stairs on my bum and pull my chair after me. And…. I did it! I was exhausted and breathing heavily and it was awesome! I hadn’t done any cardio in so long and it felt good. 
I doubt I will do that everyday because it was scary thinking I might get stuck and not be able to get up the hill.  But i did it!

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