Day Seventy Four

I went to the doctors today for my four week checkup. He was very impressed with the flexibility in my ankle. As I was stretching it a lot I KNEW he would be! I even told Susie that he would be totally impressed! I got the X-rays of the break before the surgery and it was kind of cool seeing the broken bone in such detail. It is kind of scary seeing it too!

He did mention that there is a tiny piece of bone floating next to the break that they weren’t able to include called a butterfly fragment or something like that. Supposedly it will fuse itself to the bone at sometime and won’t just wander around my system all lost. He wanted to make it very clear he didn’t just forget it. I told him I can see what an awesome job he did! 
The tech who did my X-rays was very chatty about derby. She had seen a Rat City bout last year and wants to take some friends to see it this year. She said she had been a figure skater for many, many years and I told her to go try it herself! I told her about PFM and how it is a practice place and not a lot of contact unless you want to. She was around 50ish and said she was too old. I told her you are never too old for derby! My doctor said he saw a Roller Derby movie a few weeks back and wondered if Roller Derby was anything like it was in the movie. I told him it was EXACTLY like that! 🙂
I don’t have another appointment for four more weeks. FOUR more weeks with no weight bearing! OMG.. this four weeks felt like forever.. I can’t even imagine what four more will feel like! And he I can probably drive my car (a manual) after about 8-10 weeks, but I can’t wear my boot when I do because that is against the law. I am starting to worry a little because my job ends soon and then I don’t know what I can do about medical coverage for the PT appointments. I guess I can do COBRA, but that costs money!

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