Day Seventy Two

Icky day today. I was supposed to go to the movies with Ashley but she had some car stuff come up and couldn’t make it. The doctors office said they mailed out my prescription Wednesday so I could get it filled before the weekend and by today I still haven’t received it. So that means I am out today and have to make it until my doctors appointment Monday morning. I am not looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

I really hate having to rely on someone to check my mail for me. I hate asking someone to do something that I could do myself in a matter of minutes. And if my neighbor isn’t available to check it, who do I ask? Who do I ask to come over just to walk down the driveway to check my mail for me? And then I hate having to find someone to pick up my prescription. I really can’t wait until I can walk and drive again so I can actually start doing more stuff on my list and have good stuff to write about.


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