Day Sixty Eight

One of the awesome things that I will miss when Susie leaves, and until I am able to be mobile again, is all the great meals we have been having. I will still have the yummy salads and pasta and veges, but it was meals like today that aren’t so easy to get or make.

For breakfast we had an egg scramble with tons of veges, sourdough toast, and sliced apples. For lunch we had freshly made sushi and sashimi that Susie brought back from her trip to the store today; it was super duper yummy goooooood! Susie loved Fred Meyer. It is a pretty handy store, I would have to say!

Oh yeah.. and after much effort on Susie’s part, most of the blue and green is removed from my hair and it is now almost all blonde again. I like change! Change is good!


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