Day Sixty Six

Today I introduced Susie to the Wii. She had a blast creating her Mii and then playing Wii Fit. I think she wants to get her own now. 🙂

We went to go to Victors for lunch and my car wouldn’t start. I guess it didn’t like sitting around for three weeks without being started. Diana did end up coming over a bit later and gave us a jump so we ended up going to Victors for dinner instead. We went shopping at Fred Meyers and came home to relax.

I did decide that I don’t want to leave my house until I can put a little weight on my foot because living on a hill is not condusive to leaving my house to do something, anything away from my house. It was fine getting down to the car, but getting back to the house was very, very difficult and frustrating and exhausting. I can not wait UNTIL I AM HEALED.


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