Day Sixty Three

Susie arrived today! Daniel picked her up from the airport and I told him to just look for the blonde, skinny, hot soccer mom. Luckily he found her soon enough with my awesome description. I also said she would probably be wearing nice jeans and a nice blouse with black boots.

When she showed up she was wearing nice jeans, a nice fitted jacket, and black boots. Do I know my sister or what? In that picture Daniel looked scared to death. I think he found out that Susie has the same sense of humor as me and he was in shock that there was someone else with the same personality and humor as me!
Susie got started right away and took all the garbage out, cleaned and organized the kitchen and the area I stash everything I am not sure where to put yet. It was much appreciated since I was having trouble travelling around that area without getting stuck on something! 
She also installed my new shower head on a cord so I was able to take a shower tonight!  Woo hoo! We had an awesome dinner or pasta and veges. šŸ™‚ As you can see in the picture since her face is such a blur, she was a whirlwind in the kitchen.
I showed her how my awesome beanbag can be arranged flat so you can use it as a bed and she got all set up.  Riley jumped in the picture like she does all of them! She is such a ham for the camera.

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