Day Sixty One

Yesterday Martina brought over my desktop computer and monitors from work and helped me set it up (okay, she did most of the work!). Today I finished getting everything organized and was able to work from my new work area! it made such a difference working off of dual 17″ screens, a keyboard, and mouse compared to one 10″ screen, no mouse, and a small keyboard. 

I also submitted an order with last night and it was delivered this morning bright and early. Everything is delivered in these bright tubs with ice packs for refrigerated items and dry ice for frozen. 

They also threw in a bouquet of flowers for free. I assume this is because I am new to the service. Or maybe has a big ol’ crush on me!

It was real nice to get fresh flowers, until I realized all my vases were high up on a shelf I couldn’t get to with only one usable leg! Luckily I had a vase with some fake flowers in it that I was able to use. But now my poor fake flowers have been temporarily tossed to the side! 

I really liked using AmazonFresh and the prices were very comparable to the regular grocery store so I think I will continue to use it while I am unable to get to the store on my own accord.


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