Day Sixty

I went to the doctors today and they removed the splint and took a look at how I was healing. The doctor was super pleased at how well and how fast I was healing!

He had the nurse remove the stiches and staples and said I had a choice of a cast or a boot. The cast was good because it had protection and kept your foot in the position it needed to be in to heal. But the boot is good because you can remove it to take a shower and do foot exercises.

Though I was tempted to choose the cast for the stability, the thought of being able to take a shower without my leg hanging over the edge of the tub and being able to start exercising my foot for faster healing was a lot more tempting. Not to mention being able to remove the boot when it just got so freaking frustrating to wear it!

So….. I choose das boot! I just need one for the other leg and I would look like I just stepped out of a science fiction movie or videogame!

The doc (Dr. Berkowitz) also showed me Xrays of the before and after. I got a copy of the after with the plates and screws in my legs, I need to get a copy of the before with the pretty freaking cool shot of the fractures and breaks. I look at it and think, how the sam hill did I do that!

Also the doc said that it looks like I should be able to start putting weight on it in about four weeks! That’s two weeks sooner then expected and what the normal healing time is. I must have super healing powers! I knew quitting smoking, quitting drinking, and eating healthy and exercising would come in handy. I am glad I put it all to the test eight months ago! Yay for getting healthy and super healing!


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