Day Fifty Eight

The Law Family (Martina and daughters) stopped by today to do a few chores and play with Riley. Riley was very excited about the company and ran them ragged. Now she is pooped out on the bed regaining here energy. 🙂

Martina loved her new scarf, the color is awesome and I am pretty proud of my first knitting project! So now I sit in a home with clean carpets, clean sheets, and clean dishes. It is nice! I am so lucky I found such awesome friends when I moved out here.

It has been real hard without my family since we are all so close. I actually didn’t know how I would do without my mum to take care of me and Zach to entertain me by playing videogames with me while I recuperated! With that being said, I am sure the next few months will be filled with me always being thankful of my friends and being shocked I have such good ones. The last, hmmmm, about ten years or so I really didn’t encourage close friendships.  Well that has obviously been my loss because friends rock!


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