Day Fifty Three

I decided to take some of my time off my feet and do something that I can use to give back to the people that have been so helpful during my convalesence. I started crocheting a baby blanket for Christa and Indy. It is in a cool pink camo pattern. I should be done by Indy’s b-day so I can give it as a gift. I would like to keep crocheting blankets and maybe donate them to an elderly home or something.

I also started knitting a scarf in a beautiful burgundy color that Martina already put dibs on. It is looking pretty good! I would like to kjnit more scarfs and maybe some fingerless gloves and leg warmers. I was surprised at how easily I picked back up both things. I hadn’t crocheted anything in a long time and I really haven’t done knitting before. This should be a fun, on-going project.

Oh, and the plant Martina brought me yesterday bloomed today. It looks beautiful!


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