Day Fifty One

Went out to lunch with Ashley at Victors Coffee Shop where I had my usual tomato soup and sandwich. We had a great time talking about everything, we actually spent a long time talking about everything. It was really nice. We discovered that the coffee shop had a ramp to get up on the sidewalk, but it was useless when parking is allowed on top of it. Lucky for me, people are generally nice in the area and two men stepped forward to help me hop one-legged onto the curb.

It has been a great social and physical experiment to see what it is like to have to get around in a wheelchair and it will be interesting to see what other obstacles I have to get around.

While at the store, two little kids asked me why my hair was all different colors. I said, “it makes me happy!” They stared at me blankly like that was a weird answer. It made me think… why is it weird to do fun, off-beat things that make you happy? It must be that whole societal expectations thing. Pfft! Who cares what society thinks is normal, create your own normal. 🙂


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