Day Fifty

I changed the background color on my posts because I thought it would show-off the Polaroid format of the pictures better and it looks like it does! This just means that the ones going forward will look awesome and the ones going back look a little messed up. Oh well, maybe one day I will go back and change 49 days worth of pictures; I will have plenty of time! 

So, I received a package today, opened it, and read the card and then I started bawling. It was from my good friends at th ATC forums. I don’t know if it was just good timing or what, but I had just woken up from a nap close to tears from a bad dream and excruciating pain in my leg.
I wheeled over to the door and let Riley out and saw the package sitting there. It contained some candy and tennis balls (the balls are to put on my walker and to entertain Riley with), and a great card that said, “sorry things are kind of poopy right now”. The sentiment was perfect because that was how I was feeling, kinda poopy.
I also ventured out into the world today in my new wheelchair. Peggy, one of my derby friends, offered to take me to get some yarn so I can have other stuff to do while recuperating. While out people were very friendly and I got quite a few of them asking me what happened. Their reaction was usually the same, “Roller Derby?! That is so cool!” One of the ladies that asked told me not to let a little thing like this get me down and make sure to get back on the wheels again. My response… Hellz yeah!!

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