Day Forty Seven

Christa dropped off some groceries (with chocolates!), but then had to run so she could get home and feed baby Indy. She had a little trouble finding the place and was gone longer then she planned. As I stared at the groceries I decided to suck up my pride and ask for help. I called my neighbor Diana and asked her if she would come put away my groceries for me. She was more then willing to help and came right over. Seriously… why do such genuinely nice people still shock me? Have I know so many self involved, greedy people that I forgot about the goodness of people? 

After putting away the groceries, Diana cleaned the dishes that made their way to the sink since she was last there. She joked that “I need to get them now before they pile up again and make my job even harder!” She even put together a plate of dinner (muffin) and snacks (cheese and apple) for me and filled my soda for me. We had a real nice chat as well.

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