Day Forty Six

I worked from home today and that worked out well since if I was feeling tired or groggy from the medication I could take a break and a short nap if needed and still get everything done that I need to. A lot of the day was spent getting used to not being able to do anything. I had a little spill last night when I slipped on some water, but I called the PA and he said I should be fine, to take another pain killer and just realize that it might take a little longer to heal and be a little more painful. OMG… eight weeks of this, at least! I am going to go crazy!

Riley went out with the dog walker but I guess she bit another dog so she has to take a break ffrom the pack for a little bit. I am sure Riley is all wound up and confused about what is going on and my emotions being all over the place probably knocks her for a loop.

My neighbor Diana stopped by today and brought my a print out I needed to fill out for liability at the derby practice area. She came by a bit later to pick up my mail that I needed sent off and brought me some chocolate. She also did my dishes and cleaned my kitchen for me!  How awesome is that!! But it’s the little things that get me. Something as simple as mailing a letter I have to ask someone for help!
Oh! Another girl injured herself at derby practice last night and it turned out her ankle was broken; she had the same doctor and PA I did and said they were still talking about me last night and saying how hardcore my injuries were and what a bad ass I was since since I handled those hardcore injuries so well! That’s because I am hardcore! I can’t wait to heal and get back out there doing stuff!

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