The Break

Well I broke my leg pretty good! Both the tibia and fibula were completely broken, as well as my ankle and they had to put some titanium plates and pins in. It looks like I will be unable to put any weight on that leg at all for at least eight weeks.
So there go some of my plans, like the 5K I was supposed to do tomorrow and of course roller derby for a while. I will just have to redo my exercise plan and find some more upper body and core ones to focus on. Which is a good thing!
PFM has been super supportive and sent me flowers and offered to put their awesome fund raising skills together and have a trivia night or something to help offset the medical costs my insurance doesn’t cover. HOW AWESOME! They are such a great group of women!
Ashley has been awesome and not only took me to the hospital, she went back later with a friend and got my car and took it home for me and picked up my computer, a book, and my glasses (which I forgot to ask her to get!), AND brought me some Diet Dr. Pepper. Christa, Paloma, and Martina offered to help me out to go to the store etc. and Dana the dog walker did as well, and she is going to watch Riley for a few days. Other friends have offered to come by and visit and keep me company, we will see how that pans out! And my mom kept me entertained on the phone and I plan to talk her ear off tons while I am recuperating!
I felt so lucky to realize that I do have a friend and support system here that I didn’t really know I had. I have awesome friends and family! And to top it off, I have not missed a day of blogging yet, even though I broke my leg! 🙂

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