Day Three

I was chatting with my friend Daniel last night and we decided, on the spur of the moment, to go on a road trip the next day. That day is today! He hasn’t seen the Hoh Rain forest yet, so we decided to head over to the western side of the Olympic Peninsula and check it out.

First things first, grab some coffee! We went to one of the many, many coffee stands in the area and I grabbed a triple sugar-free vanilla soy latte!

Next step was the ferry. As with a lot of places in Washington the ferry was dog friendly when you are on the top level. Riley and I quickly made our way up there to enjoy the view. It was pretty cold up there.. but we snuggled to keep warm.

On to the town of Forks! Forks has been made famous in the last few years because of the discovery of glittery vampires. So in honor of the latest craze, we decided to grab a pamphlet and do a quick tour of the town looking for all the Twilight highlights. Neither one of us is big fans, but we had a blast finding all the hot spots!

First up…the high school where everyone, including the sparkly vampires, attend.  Go Spartans! The school was pretty plain (from the outside) and there wasn’t really anything exciting about it that we could see, but we grabbed a quick shot of the school sign.

Next up was the hospital where Dr. Cullen works. To our delight we found that Dr Cullen has his very own parking spot! Check out my super sneaky vampire pose.

And the last stop on the Twilight tour was the sheriffs office where Bella’s dad works. You have to wonder what the people in the sheriffs office think of all these crazy people taking pictures of their signs!

After that whirlwind tour of the town of Forks, we wandered a bit further out of the bustling town of Forks (population just over 3000) and stopped at Ruby Beach. It’s a real pretty beach with a nice walk down a forest path to a beach covered with driftwood. There was also a large stream running from a lake to join with the ocean running down the middle of the beach. Riley jumped in it and got caught up in the current, but luckily she was able to paddle her way back with tons of encouragement from me! That was scary!
After the beach we finally made it to the rain forest. It is really beautiful and I plan to put my camping gear to use and spend a weekend there sometime soon!

And the final stop in our journey was at a road side stand that was selling chainsaw carvings. This handsome dude caught my eye! Overall it was a great day.. but a really long one! I think we were gone about 12 hours!
I am looking forward to tomorrow since even though I am really sore from the gym yesterday, I am hitting it again tomorrow!

See ya 🙂


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