Day One

Today is the first day I officially start writing in the blog for my 365 days and it has started off good! After getting to sleep around midnight I woke up at around 4:30 a.m.  I think I was stressing a bit since Zach was out celebrating New Years and I am so far away and can’t keep an eye out on him. So I got up early and had a cup of tea. I think it must be in our blood that cup of tea (with milk and sugar, of course) just tastes sooooo good! After relaxing a bit and watching a couple episodes of season two of Pushing Daisy’s, Riley and I went to the park.
This is Riley’s first adventure to the dog park of the New Year and she had a blast. Amazingly she is sitting still for the picture (I think she is used to me taking so many) but you can see how anxious she is to run off and check out the new dogs entering the park. It was raining a bit, but in Washington that doesn’t really keep anyone from going outside and enjoying the great outdoors. And actually I really don’t notice it anymore and most often forget an umbrella, which is why I am sure everyone wears a hoodie all the time.
Since I hooked my mom up with Xbox LIVE last night (she has her very own gamertag now,’sandee katt’) I decided to look through my things to see if I had a game code to give her for an Arcade game. I was pleasantly surprised (okay, I was pretty excited!) to find more than a code, I found a 12 month gold subscription card, 200 MS points, and a game. Jackpot!  That means I get to do something else off my list, randomly give a gift. For you mom!
I ended the day with one more thing on my list, bake something new; I made Baked Macaroni & Cheese. It turned out pretty good, if I don’t say so myself! And with most things I bake, I found a recipe and then just changed a few things, added a few things, and hap-hazardly measured things to make it my own. I took a bunch of different cheeses I had and mixed them together, and added some cayenne pepper and a little garlic (I love garlic). I topped it off with some bread crumbs. Not a bad ending to the day!
I am looking forward to what tomorrow brings!  See ya!

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