New Years Eve 2009 – Hooray for 2010!

The goal – write in this blog everyday and exactly one year later, on Dec 31st, 2010, look back and see how much I changed over the year. I am hoping that by making myself accountable to post something everyday that it will encourage me to get off my ass and do stuff!

I also created a list of goals and resolutions for the year (see list in the right hand column). This is a list that contains 40 items and includes a variety of things from stuff I have never tried to things I have done, but want to do again this year. Some of the things are big, like skydiving or visiting Sedona, others are small, like BBQ or take a walk everyday. The goal of the list is to give me things to accomplish for the year.

This is a big year for me (turning the big 4 OH! in December) so I want to make the year as big and fulfilled as I can!

I am prepared to have some really boring posts like “took a walk, snuggled with Riley, and was a bum the rest of the day”. But that is okay because by the end of the year there should be less and less of the posts talking about how I watched TV all day, and more of the posts with awesome pictures of all the things I have done and seen.
And with this post I have already started on one of the items in the list (but it doesn’t count because it is still 2009!).

Happy New Year and see you next year!

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